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If you want to report a mistake in one of our calendars, please send us at least one of the following:
  • the file name of the calendar (if you haven't changed it), or
  • the calendar containing the error as an attachment to an e-mail to, or
  • the address (URL) of the page from which you downloaded the calendar (eg and the template number and/or description (eg Template 3: Calendar 2018 (UK) for Word, 2 pages).
Otherwise it's often difficult for us to know which calendar is referred to. Many thanks!

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Printing a calendar in a different size
    To find out how to enlarge or shrink a calendar when printing click here.
  • Printed calendars
    Sorry, we're not a printing house and can't provide printed versions of our calendars or printing services for custom calendars. We only provide downloadable calendars.
  • Calendars with weeks starting on Sunday
    All calendars on this site start the week on Monday. However, nearly all calendars on our US site start the week on Sunday (except the Australian calendars).
  • Open Office
    Unfortunately, since converting our calendars to the new Microsoft Word file format ".docx", Open Office has problems formatting our Word calendars correctly (the other free Microsoft Office alternatives FreeOffice and Libre Office don't have this problem). If you know a solution, we would be very interested to hear from you!
  • I can't download a calendar / I can't find the download link / I don't want to download "add-ons"
    For more information regarding this problem see here.

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